Psionic Spirit Blade

+10 Psionic Spirit Blade of Ko-peret N'fringm'nt

weapon (melee)

12d10+10 energy (force) damage, +10 to hit roll, Vorpal (DC35), DR (adamantium)


Telekinesis: At will (may be used to make a ranged attack with the spirit blade for half damage)
Improved Haste: 4/day
Jump: 2/day
Suggestion: 3/day (DC=25)
Summoning: 1/day (See Text)
Add Feat: Deflect Arrows
Add Feat: Blindsense
Once per day this weapon may be used to summon the dread deity, Lu-Kas, Lord of Fla’nel who will manipulate reality at the caster’s request, stating that he always meant reality to be that way, but his god powers weren’t developed enough to let him do it originally. This effect acts like the level 9 spell wish/miracle.


Psionic Spirit Blade

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