The Greatest Story Never Told

Griswold's Log

Day 27 of the Year of the Shield

I see certain things in this world and wonder why the Guardian even bothers to guard the Gate at all. Upon entering a simple mining town, I was confronted with a vision that told me that I would find answers alongside the scions of rage and the beastfriend of song. I must confess that I was beginning to doubt my convictions before but now I see that I must be on the right path. Searching for traveling companions I came across a caravan heading in the direction I wished to go and greeted by a rather strange sight, a particularly large man of what looked like orcish heritage and a halfling who had two dogs following him. Were these the ones mentioned in my vision? Only time would tell and they were headed in the same direction anyways so I offered my services to the caravan master. The journey was pleasant enough until we got caught up in a storm. Seeking shelter from the storm, we came across an old farmhouse that was occupied by an old woman, who at first seemed kind enough, but I had the strangest feeling of doubt in my mind. She asked us to take care of a rat problem for her in exchange for food and lodging for the night. It was a simple enough request, but I could not shake this feeling of dread I had. Dispatching the rat in her cellar was simple enough. She then proceeded to prepare a stew for us before bed. The feeling would not go away, if anything it seemed to get stronger, so I politely declined the stew and instead ate from my rations I bought in the previous village. Afterwards we were shown to our rooms and then proceeded to prepare for bed. After being woken up by the little one’s dog barking frantically, I was confronted by the largest spider I had ever seen. After a frantic battle in which I had no choice but to call upon the aid of the Guardian, we confronted the old woman in her bedroom. The old woman had apparently been capturing travelers and FEEDING them to her spiders whom she called her ‘children’. It was plainly obvious that the old woman was completely insane. After forcing her to show us where the nest was we discovered that the rat she had us kill earlier was actually her previous victim who was trying to escape and had been made to look like a rat thanks to a particular mask that she possessed, and it also came to light that the stew she made was prepared from the remains of the previous travelers she had ensnared! Thank the Guardian I had declined to eat it. So after a lively debate it was decided that the old woman should be brought with us to the next town so she could face punishment for her crimes. We then decided to purify the entire site with fire to drive away any evil that might have decided to take up residence there. However I do not look forward to the questions I will no doubt receive from my companions as to the source of my gifts, I shall have to think of something as secrecy is still our most potent armor, maybe they can be told the truth one day, if they are the ones from my vision, only time will tell.

The Greatest Story Never Told

As told by Pranak Hell-Gut:

I found some old human hag’s house with my traveling companions.
She fed me meat-gruel. I went to sleep in the basement after we killed the rat.
I woke up to a giant spider trying to eat me. I ate it first.

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