House Rules

Death Years

Using this variant rule, you will be disregarding the usual con drain/negative levels inflicted by the various spells designed to raise the dead. Instead, the wear on the soul caused by being revived will age your character. Typically, this functions as follows.

-Unless otherwise noted, ignore any lost levels/ability scores noted in the given spell’s effect.

-When a character is resurrected, see the following chart and find your race’s “Death Die”

-When resurrected, roll that die a number of times equal to 8 minus the level of the spell and add the total up. That is how many years you age.

-A newly revived character is revived at his original age, and feels the effects of his new age at a rate of 1 year per day.

-Breath of Life (and other such spells as they are discovered/published) do not incur Death Years.

-If Death Dice would put a character past their maximum age, the resurrection fails and are treated from that point forward as though they had died of old age.

-True Resurrection may, once, bring a character back that is beyond the death-by-old-age threshold. Such a character is reborn knowing on some deep personal level that their time is limited. Such characters live exactly one year from the casting of the spell.

-Reincarnation does not incur Death Years, but rather functions as printed (lose 2 permanent levels and get a random new race) with one exception. This spell can only bring someone back from death by old age once (separate from the one resurrection by True Resurrection). Such a character is brought back effectively at the very beginning of Venerable for whatever race they have become, their remaining years being re-rolled at the time of resurrection.

Death Dice

Human D4

Dwarf D10

Elf D12

Gnome D8

Half-Elf D6

Half-Orc D4

Halfling D6

Stat Advancement

Every four levels, your character, rather than increasing 1 Attribute by one point, will increase 2 separate Attributes by one point each. You’re welcome, and may the Force be with you.

House Rules

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